We are always in need of a helping hand

Anyone living locally, please join us at the clinic at Wat Paklok on the east side of the Phuket Island. You don't have to have experience, all you need is common sense and a love of animals! The reward you will feel from helping an animal will be guaranteed to stay with you forever.

Visitors to our beautiful island - if you or your family intend on having a holiday in Phuket, please consider a visit to the temple to help out. Children absolutely love spending some time with our dogs, and our dogs adore children who come to visit! There are usually lots of puppies and kittens for them to cuddle, play with, wash, brush or walk. 

We would like to remind people that the shelter is not just that, it is an area donated to animals by the Abbott of the temple. As such, the shelter is on temple grounds and is subject to modesty and respect.

Please do not come to the temple in immodest clothes, first and foremost, this is a temple, extending generosity and welcome to the animals and those of us who care for them.

We would also like to ask people to make donations to the temple when visiting, as this shelter would not exist if it wasn't for the generosity of Phra Ajaan Cha and the temple committee. The temple needs funds to operate and do not ask us for rent or payments for electricity or water usage.

This is a great honour and needs to be respected as such.

Thank you for your courtesy and consideration.



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