We often get asked about donations/supplies that you can bring to the shelter, so we have listed below the most commonly used items, that are needed on a regular basis.


Medication needs to be in date, but if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact gary@bodhishelter.org.

Medication (Within expiry date)







Diatomaceous earth


Flea/Tick Preventative

Frontline, Advocate, Advantage, and similar flea/tick treatments


General Items

Squeaky toys for puppies

Leads & collars

All-weather toys 


Due to the high humidity and minimal space for medication needing to be kept at specific temperatures, we prefer to buy the medications locally as and when required. However some are not so easily available which are those listed above. Furthermore without dedicated clinicians we do not have the time to sort and manage lots of small packets of partly used medicines. We trust volunteers and visitors can understand our limitations and it will be become more apparent when you come and visit us! Thank you for reading.