Name: Rupert
Born: 2006
Sex: Male
Breed: Thai Mix
Size: Medium

My name is Rupert. I was rescued from the local pound when Tina found that I had a severe tick infection in my ears and the ticks were eating away at my ears and head. I have had over five operations one ear alone but it has taken some time to heal. Dr Trethep had to close the ear but it was still a source of infection, so he reopened it and completely remove the ear canal.

The X-rays of my hips revealed an old injury which is now plagued with arthritis and explains why I walk in a strange fashion. They also took an x-ray of my abdomen which proved clear, but the chest x-ray revealed fluid on my lungs. So I have a wheezy cough and the fluid on my lungs makes make it hard for me to breathe.

So I tend to be quite sedentary but although I’m happier here than in the pound, I still dream of finding a forever home. Perhaps you could give one or sponsor me.Dr Trethep decided to open the entire ear canal area up again (the canal has been removed) and let it heal from the inside out. I had to dress it, the wound is massive.

Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe
Fully vaccinated & sterilized

How far your sponsorship goes

$4 USD, (£3 or 150 Baht) / month enough to worm one dog every month
$10 USD, (£8 or 360 Baht) / month enough to spay/neuter one dog every month
$15 USD, (£12 or 535 Baht) / month enough to spay/neuter two dogs every month
$30 USD, (£24 or 1100 Baht) / month fully sponsors one dog for a month, providing food, medication and shelter
$60 USD, (£48 or 2200 Baht) to sponsor two of these lovely dogs for one month

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