Born May 2016
Medium size
At four months old I was in an accident with a car and hurt both my front legs. I sheltered at the back of a car repair shop and was crying and screaming until one day Tina found me. The man in the car repairers had left me just an oily rag as a bed and rarely threw me scraps of food, I was unable to walk to find food. My only water was from a hub cap catching rainwater. Tina pleaded with him to let me go for treatment.  So she took me to the vet as my front feet were really hurting. The kind vet Dr Trethep discovered I had four broken bones in my right foot and one fractured bone in my left. My toe pads were hanging off and one claw fell out.
I was in such pain so Dr Trethep sedated me to put my toes back together.
Since then Tina has cared for me as well as the others at Bodhi and I also got to play in the garden of Kingsacre Phuket accommodation run by Christine & Glenn King, so I could get better without my bandages coming off.
But my leg has still some healing to do and I need lots of tender loving care. Please sponsor me!

How far your sponsorship goes

$4 USD, (£3 or 150 Baht) / month enough to worm one dog every month
$10 USD, (£8 or 360 Baht) / month enough to spay/neuter one dog every month
$15 USD, (£12 or 535 Baht) / month enough to spay/neuter two dogs every month
$30 USD, (£24 or 1100 Baht) / month fully sponsors one dog for a month, providing food, medication and shelter
$60 USD, (£48 or 2200 Baht) to sponsor two of these lovely dogs for one month

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