Name: Dame Nellie
Sex: Female
Born: June 2003
Medium size
Mostly blind
Photo credit: Peter Yuen
I'm quite old now and suffer a little stiffness in my limbs  particularly in mornings.  So, Dr Trethep and Tina surmised that it was stiffness rather than injury. My skin condition also needs a little  tender loving care with coconut oil and I also have a growth on my eyelid which abrades my eye, causing a thick discharge - apart from these aliments, oh and a little blindness -  I'm a happy old girl! But with all these health issues, I will probably remain at the shelter but need sponsors to help with my care. Please help me.

How far your sponsorship goes

$4 USD, (£3 or 150 Baht) / month enough to worm one dog every month
$10 USD, (£8 or 360 Baht) / month enough to spay/neuter one dog every month
$15 USD, (£12 or 535 Baht) / month enough to spay/neuter two dogs every month
$30 USD, (£24 or 1100 Baht) / month fully sponsors one dog for a month, providing food, medication and shelter
$60 USD, (£48 or 2200 Baht) to sponsor two of these lovely dogs for one month

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