Born: Approx 2006
Medium size

Bunsong was dropped into a 5m deep canal in Samkhong after having some kind of acid burns and was left there to die all alone but he managed to survive for a month before we were called to help.

Although people threw some food to him, he would still eat his poo. The only water he had access to was black drain water. When we found him, he bore the scars of some kind of chemical burn.

He suffers seizures, which we think may be a result of the contaminated water he was forced to drink. He takes anti-seizure medication every day.

He still doesn't trust anyone, but the one human he trusts the most is Pee Vipa.

So Bunsong is an unadoptable dog, because of the lack of trust towards humans and will likely live the rest of his life inside the shelter, unless someone very special comes along

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$30 USD, (£24 or 1100 Baht) / month fully sponsors one dog for a month, providing food, medication and shelter
$60 USD, (£48 or 2200 Baht) to sponsor two of these lovely dogs for one month

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