My pups and I were rescued from the government pound, where we were at risk of being mauled to death

Goldie is the mother of Sisu & Vipa, who were rescued with her other 2 pups from imminent death at the horrible government pound, here in Phuket. Goldie doesn’t much like shelter life, she isn’t happy being amongst so many dogs. The 2 things that bring her the most joy are food & her babies. She is an amazing mother to her pups and would always protect them when they were tiny. Goldie loves to play with her babies, but hasn’t seem to have bonded with any other dogs, so we think she would prefer a home without other dogs. She is so sweet and gentle with humans, and would very much love to have an owner & a home to call her own; somewhere she can finally feel safe, with no need to defend her area or food. Goldie so badly needs a life outside of a shelter.

Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe Airplane
Fully vaccinated & sterilized

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Photo cred: Gary Baxter, Alea Mclaren