Name: Flopsie
Sex: Female
Born: May 2016
Size: Medium
Breed: Mixed breed
Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe 
Fully vaccinated & sterilized
At four months old I was in an accident with a car and hurt both my front legs. I cried for all night and then Tina found me at the back of a car repair shop, having heard me screaming and crying all. The man in the car repairers had left me in a rag. He agreed to let Tina take me for treatment.  She took me to the vet as my front feet were really hurting. The kind vet Dr Trethep discovered I had four broken bones in my right foot and one fractured bone in my left. My toe pads were hanging off and one claw fell out. Dr Trethep sedated me to put my toes back together.
My leg is healing nicely and I would love to find a forever home!


If you are interested in adopting OR sponsoring me, please send us a msg !!

Photo cred: Peter Yeun

  • Sex: Female
  • Born: June 2016
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Mixed breed