Name: Bebe
Sex: Female
Born: June 2014
Breed: Thai Mix
Size: Medium
Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe
FULLY VACCINATED, will be sterilized this week.

Me, my siblings and mother were dumped. Luckily, I was adopted but I didnt match the dog that lived in that home. Im now back at Bodhi.

My name is Bebe and Ive been at Bodhi for just over 2 years. My mother, Sylvie, and my two siblings, Trigger and Tippy, also live at Bodhi. When we were puppies, my mother and us were heartlessly dumped on a small lane. We then lived at a rubber tree plantation. Without any proper food or care, I was in desperate need for someone to help me. Thats when Bodhi rescued us and nursed us to health!

After I had overcome my health problems, I had so much hope in 2014 when a lovely couple adopted me. Unfortunately, the dog that already lived with my adopters was bigger than me and played too heavily, so I had to come back to Bodhi. I love Bodhi and my friends here but Id love to live my life in a loving family home.

Im such a gorgeous and sweet little girl. I love to sit in the baths and bowls on a hot day. Im also very affectionate and loyal and love to cuddle.

Could you show me what unconditional love is like? Even though Im small, soft and sweet, I have so much love and life to share. Can I share it with you? If you cant bring me home but want to help me, you can sponsor me and keep up to date on my progress!


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  • Sex: Female
  • Born: June 2014
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Thai mix