Name: Anna
Sex: Female
Born: May 2015
Breed: Thai Mix
Size: Medium/fine frame
Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe
Fully vaccinated & sterilized

Anna had been born on a rubber plantation Bodhi had been monitoring, as it was the same place Lassie and her pups came from. There were two females that needed to be sterilised, but neither the owners, nor Tina could catch them. Tina spent many weeks going to feed them day after day, trying to gain their trust.

Unfortunately it was too late and 12 pups were born to the two mothers, who were Lassie’s daughters. Since we still couldn’t catch the mothers, we had to leave the pups with them until they were old enough to come to the shelter. They were at risk, with no shelter, having been born under a large pile of dead branches and leaves.

Eventually, with the help of the pups, we managed to get hold of both mothers and sterilise them. The owners kept two of the pups and we inherited the rest. They also wanted the mothers back.

Anna is a funny little spirit! She loves to play and race around the shelter- she is GREAT with all the other dogs and has a few close doggie friends who she always hangs out with.

She is a very gentle girl with people & children. She loves a good head scratch.

Anna would likely do best in a household where the lifestyle is kept quite consistent. She is still going through leash training. We are unsure how she is with cats, but can cat test upon request!

If you are interested in adopting OR sponsoring this sad-eyed little girl, please send us a msg! ?

? Photo cred: Gary Baxter

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  • Sex: Female
  • Born: May 2015
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Thai mix