These cute fluff balls are growing up fast but at the moment they are nameless!

Bodhi are providing their food and shelter together with covering their medical bills including, worming, flea treatments, inoculations, neutering etc, as they do for all the dogs in their care.

But what we need from you is a name!

Would you like to name one?

All we ask is for a donation of $100 USD - which will help pay for their upkeep. 

We will  provide a naming Certificate, with your choice of name, a photo of them and your name (or name of a friend, if it is a gift)

First come first served!

We will accept any name you give (as long as it's not derogatory or racist)

If you hover over the photos, they have numbers like P1 or C2. Or the number may be in the bottom left corner. Just put that number into the message box, when you get to the PayPal page.

Just click the button below to name your puppy, remember to put the photo number in the box or in a message at the Paypal checkout, together with the dogs chosen name.

We will contact you after the donation is made.

Any queries, please email

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