Vipa was at risk of being attacked at the government pound.

Vipa is a happy go lucky girl who was rescued from being viciously attacked as a puppy by an aggressive dog at the government pound. As her and her siblings became old enough to walk, they were venturing into the nearby enclosure towards the aggressive dogs food bowl. This would have surely ended up horribly since there is no proper supervision at the pound, so the 4 pups and their mother were rescued by Tina, and taken to the Bodhi Shelter.

Vipa is full of energy and an adorable character. She is a wiggly little thing who loves to play & spend time with people & other dogs. This little girl is a total food hound & would be very trainable! Vipa would love to have a family to call her own where she could spend her time bounding around with kids or other dogs. She is still a wee pup at heart!

Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe Airplane
Fully vaccinated & sterilized

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Photo cred: Gary Baxter, Fab Uloops