I was suffering from severe mange and malnutrition, but nothing got in the way of my special friendship with Buddy

 lives up to her name as being one of the sweetest dogs at the shelter. 3 years ago, rescuers found Sweetie with a severe case of mange. The mange caused all of her hair to fall away, which left her bald, itchy and shivering.  Sweetie was wandering on the streets about 10 km from the shelter, where she lived with her best pal, Buddy.

After finding Sweetie, Tina brought her to the temple for some much needed treatment for her mange, but left Buddy where he was because he did not require treatment. Well, Sweetie did not like being away from her best mate that night, so she escaped and walked the 10km back to find him… on a busy main road! Tina looked everywhere the next day, and lo-and-behold she found her back in her original spot, with Buddy. So, we brought Buddy to Bodhi, along with Sweetie, and she no longer escaped. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!!

Sweetie gets along with everyone; dog & human, big & small. She is a relaxed girl but would require daily walks and a yard to roam about in. We would prefer to adopt her and Buddy together, for obvious reasons.. (see Buddy’s profile here) Sweetie can be sensitive & submissive to erratic behaviour, so she would prefer a home with older kids or only adults. We are pretty sure she is fine with cats, but would have to check to be sure. There is nothing she wants more than a good cuddle from her human. Sweetie needs an owner who is willing to provide her with a lot of patience and gentle care.  
Adoptable to: Thailand, North America & Europe. Airplane
Fully vaccinated & sterilized
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Photo cred: Gary Baxter, Tina Maria, Alea Mclaren

  • Sex: Female
  • Born: Feb 2008
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Shepherd/Thai mix