My owners left me chained up outside & all alone in the Thailand heat while they went on holiday.

My name is Jai-Ann, and I am a Siberian Husky who is living in the wrong climate.
Some people seem to find it “trendy” to adopt a husky like me. They take photos with me and show me off to their friends, only to leave me chained up & alone for the rest of the day. My fur coat is made for a cold climate, but my owners did not seem to know this. They did not care that I am the type of dog that shouldn’t be living in a tropical environment with temperatures upwards of 30 degree’s Celsius  .
Some local expats thought I had been left chained up & abandoned, so they alerted the Bodhi Shelter to my situation. When Tina came to see me, my owners were home from holiday. They told her they left me on my chain when they visited their home province, in Northern Thailand. They left me alone in the heat for days.
The kind people at the Bodhi Shelter took me to the vets and got me neutered & treated for a bladder infection.  After the vet, they brought me  to the shelter to stay while I healed. At the shelter, I was surrounded by 100 other dogs… I had never been around dogs when I was growing up.
During my first 2 weeks living at the shelter, I felt scared and withdrawn. I did not know how to play with the other dogs or with the lovely humans. Some dogs even picked on me, and I didn’t know how to stand up for myself.
I started to settle, and realized that the humans were so kind, loving & accepting. All the staff were so happy for me the first time I started to play tug-o-war with a towel that Pee Vipa had in her hands. Now, I am always playing! I have many dog friends & I LOVE going for walks. I love puppies SO much that I will often regurgitate my food for them to eat. That’s not gross, is it?
My ideal home would be in a cooler climate, far away from the hot heat of Thailand. I would love to be able to play in the snow! My perfect family would have one or more adult humans, other dogs, and maybe even older kids. I can sometimes get a fright from young children, but I am non-aggressive.
Bad breeding, lack of exercise, & laying on concrete while being chained up, may be some of the reasons why my skeletal structure is slightly malformed. My rib cage and hips cause me no pain or discomfort at the moment, but might possibly become a problem as I age. I really want to make sure my new adopter knows this about me before they try to adopt me. Access to quality veterinary care is a must.
My caretakers are not sure if I would be good with cats, but they say we can cat-test upon request.
Adoptable to: North America & Europe. Airplane
Fully vaccinated & sterilized



Photo cred: JiYoung Lee, Peter Yuen Photography

  • Sex: Male
  • Born: Sept 2014
  • Size: Large
  • Breed: Siberian Husky