My face was covered by a cancerous tumour. Most people would have put me to sleep.

The TVT venereal tumour on my face was so big, people are surprised that someone cared to treat me! Most people would have thought it was too late to save me. Because no one rescued me for such a long time, my horrible tumour became infested with maggots. It was very bad. The maggots started to eat down through the wound and into my mouth which left a hole. 

I’m a handsome boy, born around May 2013 and are called Boon Yung. My life-saving journey began with a lovely lady who rescued me, removed my tumour and gave me love and affection. I made a miraculous recovery because of the donations and the love of humans who cared about me!

As the kind lady couldn’t keep me, she brought me to Bodhi in August 2016, where I’ve continued to thrive and make the most of life. I adapted and settled in at Bodhi just fine, and like to follow Tina around!

Because of the severity of the tumour, Tina took me to the vets for some routine X-rays which revealed that the little lumps which were left on my snout won’t disappear, as they are calcification of the bone healing, after the tumour damaged it. Despite my scar, I’m such a beautiful little boy. After the amount of treatment I’ve been through, I’m just happy to be alive!

The humans at Bodhi have noticed that I can be quite paternal with the puppies. One time when I had to be sedated for an X-ray, a fellow Bodhi pup sat with me and we both comforted each other! However, I’m not too keen on adult males yet, but this could be due to my recent sterilization which has affected my hormones. I’m a very affectionate, beautiful boy who loves cuddles. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs with my health, but I’m getting better every day with proper food and care. Even through my bad times, I’ve always had a kind-natured personality.

Thanks to the lovely humans that decided to help me, rather than put me to sleep, I can share my life with a lovely family. Can you home a brave, handsome boy like me? If you can’t adopt me right now, you can sponsor me and keep up to date with my progress.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this stunning boy, please msg us!!

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  • Sex: Male
  • Born: May 2013
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Mixed breed